Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dream a Screamin' Dream of Thee...

Yesterday, outside the sweets shop in Menlo Park, I saw:


My father is a Petrol Head. A Gear Guy. With 3 daughters. I lived with him, a lot like Danny Champion of the World, so from a very young age, we visited all the auto shows together. Some of my deepest desires in life lie in the hands of Bentley, Pierce and Ferrari. I sat in their stunning creations on the concourse year after year; breathed deeply of the perfectly stitched leather, the deeply impossible red paint. OH! When Dad read that year's spec's--the torques, the litres, the horsepower! Then, the year I turned six, how internal COMBUSTION works! And the POOOOWWWWERRRR!!!!! Before I die, I want a 599. Or a 430 if there's a spare hanging round.

I have discovered, after a night of tossing and turning and while dithering over what to eat for lunch, that one can, for a mere *pittance* acquire a mounted vintage crankshaft, chromed exhaust pipes and other F1 or GT car parts. "For True Fans of the Prancing Horse". Please send Check, Money Order or Cash, I've got a dream-- a screaming red Prancing Horse Dream! Please donate today.
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