Wednesday, March 23, 2011



...Oh, pardon me, I'm snarfing some of Evil Shenanigans' Double Dark Chocolate Chunk Coconut cookies.....

It's your basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, with the addition of Dutch-process cocoa powder and melted chocolate in addition to the regular chips. The recipe followed a standard creaming method, etc etc., but hoooooomamamama, when that coconut gets toasting, suddenly your heart starts fluttering. Then the chocolate hits the melt point and it's a double-barrel assault. With these dancing beside you, creaming the otherwise mundane ingredients can't go fast enough, but patience, Jedi! Butter, sweets, salts, till smoooothed out...then pour in that river of dark melted magic and the world goes all brown and glossy. Back to practicality, add the dry works, then gather all your gorgeous brown toasted coconut in a piece of parchment paper and remember to sniff it like a frat pledge in 1979. Dump it in with the last of the chocochips and yadda yadda. Jedi Jasmin loves what we call a Lover's Share cookie, enough for 2, and thus scoops with a #16 ice cream scoop onto the silpat, 6 per sheet pan:


Shenanigans' directions yield 4 dozen from a single recipe, we wrangled 30 double-size cookies from a *doubled* recipe. The dough is a very firm construction, we lessened the sugar because to our chagrin unsweetened coconut was unavailable in the surrounding 50 mile radius. So these are a beautifully sweet-salty balance cookie, and more remarkably, sweet-bitter balanced, which is absolutely delightful. I personally licked the paddle and the spatula. I am greedy.

I have mine on a plate to take home to GingerMan. If an addendum post appears, bearing mostly caveman-like smudges and mono-syllabic grunting, he has stolen the lot and registered verdict. Otherwise, I will elucidate and possibly recommend a few more recipes from the Evil Shenanigans website once I regain consciousness. Ciao for now!
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  1. For unsweetened coconut, have you tried...
    1) Whole Foods in the bulk foods aisle
    2) Trader Joe's
    3) any grocery that carries Bob's Red Mill products (often in the health food aisle with other specialty grains.

    I have to be careful with coconut because I have to get unsulfured (R's allergy), so I'd start with those places.

  2. I can verify that Whole Foods carries the Bob's Red Mill unsweetened coconut flakes, and another brand of unsweetened finely shredded coconut in the baking aisle! They also had some in the bulk food section too, depending on how much you needed.

  3. Dear Kathy: You, as always, are a Genius and a Maven. For some reason, I tend to spread a wave of No Coconut before me, but for some reason, I just never checked bulk! <3 u bebe!