Monday, May 23, 2011


Contest closes tonight at Midnight, Pacific Standard/ DaylightSavingsArePassedOnToYou/ Whatever/ Time!  
We’ve had some really tasty entries so far, so hurry hurry HURRY and tell us what YOU would pull out the good china for and serve on Tuesday Just For The Heck Of It!  What recipe makes you happy every time you even think about making it at the end of a long day?  What’s been your favourite go-to dinner?  

Yes, it might have originally come from a cookbook, a magazine or show, that’s how we
learn!  What most of us don’t realise is how we’ve tweaked and fiddled and changed--and that makes it yours! So HURRY UP!  Did I say that already?  Get your recipe up in the Comments Section in the Joy of China post.  GOOD LUCK, AND GOOD EATING!!  
Rules here:
Chime in and you could win Bragging Rights and a Shorty Trio of Baking Spices OR a 1/2gram jar of high-grade Saffron (acquired myownself, from Penzey's Spices in Menlo Park, California)!
-Entree Period Runs from Monday 09 May 2011 to Monday 23 May 2011. Judging period follows, with winner to be announced on Friday 03 June 2011.
-Entrees must be posted in the Comments section and include your name, email address, and full recipe.
-ONE winner will be chosen by me.
-The winning recipe will be posted with photos and the Winner presented here as an Official Kitchen Jedi!
-Now Get Cooking!
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