Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Domestic Affairs

So I left you with a bit of a rant against Taylor the Girl Scout last time, and a brief explanation of what a transgender child suffers socially, aside from the horrible myriad medical complications their "childhood" will comprise.  It's really no different for any kid who's gay, any kid who's just "different".
I linked to the Honest Girl Scout site she affiliates herself with, the one whose members believe Girl Scouts USA are raising Pro-Abortion Lesbians.  Today will not be a long-winded rant. I am, with permission, presenting the post of a dear friend about the difference between Domestic Partnership and Marriage.  Her Wife (capitalized, words matter here), the Fabulous Madame Lisb├Ęth, was a Girl Scout, and I hope to soon feature her words on Scouting, Womanhood and Equality.
My final point being: Any legal body which holds another human being's rights in judgement, as though they had committed a crime, and tells them "Separate But Equal" has torn the blindfold from Lady Justice's eyes, dashed her scales to the rubbish heap of minority morality and whipped her into political submission.
From a  Cancer-Beatin' Bad-Ass Mamma and Wife:
"4 years ago today my wife and I signed our domestic partnership paperwork.  I was on the couch in my PJs and my wife (we got gay married in the open window in CA) was besides me, while our friend (who had driven in from out of town) was acting as our notary.  It was simple and required no state official, license, or witness (other then a notary).  In other words it was second class.  
Why did we do it?  I had just been released from my 2nd
hospital stint.  I couldn’t walk 5 ft unassisted, and I had cancer.  I needed the woman I loved to take care of me, and the only way to do that was to sign a piece of paper on my couch.  The problem here is that folks that object to gay marriage say domestic partnerships are okay, but they’re not.  There was no fan fare, we signed a form, wrote a check and mailed it in to be processed.  The state then acknowledged it and that was it.  
When you get married, you have an official or a priest, you have witnesses, and fan fare, but most important it’s a big fuckin’ deal even to strangers.  Plus, you're not left with the term partner.  What the hell does domestic partner mean?  Do we have a domestic cleaning business now?  But wife and husband they mean something.  
Today is the 4 yr anniversary of my domestic partnership.  I love my partner so much so that I married her, but this day fills me with anger and sadness on the behalf of all those that are just left with domestic partnership - a second class no fanfare needed not good enough to be called a marriage  marriage." 
--SPP, 25 January 2012
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